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Year in Review 2020

Posted at — Jan 4, 2021

2020 ends with the pandemic. WFH is the new normal. Many thanks to my company, I was staying at home for most of last year.


My daughter was born last year. Here name is Yoyo. Thanks for the WFH, that I could stay with her most of the time. Sometimes it was enjoyable to watch her grow up. Last winter, my wife and I have to go to the hospital to do regular checks every 2 or 3 days in the morning very early. It was tough for us. But anyway, Yoyo joins the family. She looks smart and adorable. I hope she will grow up soon. So we can travel over the world. I can't wait to through her into the clean water in the Maldives and see the smiling face from here.

My wife and I will be entering our 16 years marriage this year. I hope she and Yoyo will be happy every day, like what I said in the blog's subtitle.


Last year I left the BrilliantAero and joined Tubi, a small(?) company in the US. I worked in the Beijing office as SRE. It was a challenge for me that I need to learn lots of things, especially English. I think my English improved a lot during last year. I also learned a lot about AWS, Terraform, Ansible, and Infrastructure as Code.

We discuss topics on Github issues. I learned about how to review codes, how to cooperate with colleagues on Github. I'm immensely enjoying the time I work from home. No one will disturb you. You can work immersively.


I begin to read some novels write for youth, so that I can persist in reading them.


  • His Dark Materials: I finished the book before the last season of the TV show was released.

  • The healer

  • In the Middle of nowhere

  • 东野圭吾:信

  • 刺杀骑士团长

  • 盗梦侦探 Paprika: I read this book after I watched the movie. The book has more details than the film. It's worth reading if you like the film.

  • 以色列:一个国家的诞生

  • Kubernetes in Action: It's a great book to learn Kubernetes for beginners.

English Study

I have lots of practice during my work now. I finished the Anki deck 托福词汇-词以类记(词典完美版) I started in 2019.

The quality of the deck for Anki is critical. After finished that deck, I haven't started a new deck yet. I think I will begin the deck for English Grammars. And I also begin to read a book about English Grammars. I found I almost forget what I have learned about Grammars in the colleges.


I have watched a lots of TV shows, list some of them(also reccommand):

  • Homeland

  • 13 Reasons Why

  • Tales From The Loop

  • Lost in Space(2018)

  • Altered Carbon

  • The Expanse

  • Chilling Advanture of Sabrina

  • His Dark Meterials

  • Mandalorian

  • The Boys

  • Raised By Wolves

  • Westworld

  • The Witcher

  • The Umbrella Academy

  • kindom

  • Alice in Borderland

  • Dark

  • Queens Gambit

  • Devs

  • Chernobyl

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