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Posted at — Apr 19, 2005
[[email protected] root]# cat .vimrc 
" multi-encoding setting
if has("multi_byte")
  "set bomb
  set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,cp936,big5,euc-jp,euc-kr,latin1
  " CJK environment detection and corresponding setting
  if v:lang =~ "^zh_CN"
    " Use cp936 to support GBK, euc-cn == gb2312
    set encoding=cp936
    set termencoding=cp936
    set fileencoding=cp936
  elseif v:lang =~ "^zh_TW"
    " cp950, big5 or euc-tw
    " Are they equal to each other?
    set encoding=big5
    set termencoding=big5
    set fileencoding=big5
  elseif v:lang =~ "^ko"
    " Copied from someone's dotfile, untested
    set encoding=euc-kr
    set termencoding=euc-kr
    set fileencoding=euc-kr
  elseif v:lang =~ "^ja_JP"
    " Copied from someone's dotfile, untested
    set encoding=euc-jp
    set termencoding=euc-jp
    set fileencoding=euc-jp
  " Detect UTF-8 locale, and replace CJK setting if needed
  if v:lang =~ "utf8$" || v:lang =~ "UTF-8$"
    set encoding=utf-8
    set termencoding=utf-8
    set fileencoding=utf-8
  echoerr "Sorry, this version of (g)vim was not compiled with multi_byte"

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