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Prison Break人物绰号详解

Posted at — Mar 8, 2007

2. C-Note : Benjamin "C-Note" Franklin

"C" signifying the quantity of 100 in roman numerals, "note" signifying federal reserve note, thus "cnote" signifies 100 dollars.
eg. Got change for a cnote?

指百元大钞。C-Note擅长交易,其演员也在访谈中说,是因为他不管给别人买再小的东西,也要收100元,所以叫C-Note。而且,$100美元上印有 Benjamin Franklin的头像,和片中人物同名。Benjamin Franklin是18世纪美国著名的科学家和政治家,参与起草《独立宣言》。

3. Tweener : David "Tweener"Apolskis

A young White man confused about his culture and ressembles a Black man. He is in between.. he is a Tweener.
eg. Yo Tweener, that hoe is a quebecunt fo sho!

Tweener好多意思,任何in between的东西都可以叫tweener。指他在支持白人和黑人之间徘徊. 具体参看T-BAG摸他膝盖那一集,这个名字似乎是T-BAG给的"a regular tweener"

4. Linc "the sink" : Lincon Burrows:

Lincoln is known to be a tough, hard fighter among the cons at Fox River. Usually, when someone comes at you, they give you "everything but the kitchen sink". Lincoln, or 'Linc', gives off more of an effort than that and is referred to as the "sink". Hence, "Linc(k) the Sink".
在ep1 里,讲到:在FOX RIVER的那些犯人里边,LINC属于是比较能打的壮汉。一般来说,当别人来打你的时候,你会把什么东西都拿来打他(everything but the kitchen sink是老美的SLANG),可LINC不一样,他会把这个东西也拿去砸人,加上他的名字LINC和SINK就一个音不一样,所以大家就那么叫他了。


Everything but the kitchen sink英文的解释

Everything but the kitchen sink is what you brought with you when you included almost everything you could think to bring. Example: "Wow, your suitcase is huge. What do you have in there? Everything but the kitchen sink?"

When we we are deciding what to bring with us, we try to take everything possible. But some things, like the kitchen sink, are just not convenient. Example: "Every time we go camping my wife packs everything but the kitchen sink."

Everything but the kitchen sink means that you included almost everything you could think to include. Example: "My dad's new luxury car is great. It has everything but the kitchen sink."

Everything but the kitchen sink的字面意思是除了厨房水池什么都有,实际意思是你能想到的东西都包括了,lincoln绰号是sink,就是说他连你想不到的都包括了,感觉上就是他是everything,或者说他无敌的意思。

5. Cherry: Seth " Cherry" Hoffner

Something looks pretty and fresh. slang term for a woman's hymen.

是上吊自杀的那个小男孩儿。本指樱桃,是他长得俊美,年纪嫩。Like a virgin.

6. T-Bag: Theodore"T-Bag" Bagwell

When a girl is lying on her back and blowing you, you grab your cock and lift it out of the way and dip your nuts in and out of her mouth like you dipping a tea bag ..


Rob K. 在G4的访问中说,他在拍PB以前也不是特别了解,芝加哥人才都知道T-Bag是什么意思。 他说PB的编剧很聪明,给他起Bagwell这样的姓,就很顺理成章缩写成T-Bag,就可以自然而然这样叫他,而不让观众觉得"太过分了"。

7. Maytag: Jason "Maytag" Buchanan

A prison term for a young inmate who performs sexual favors for a dominate top in exchange for protection.

eg. I gotta get me a new Maytag...'cause my boy just got sprung.

T-bag 在前几集的"女朋友"和室友。此绰号正是这个意思。


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