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Posted at — Apr 28, 2005
If you want to use our Debian packages on multiple systems in a networked environment, it might be a good idea to establish a local mirror of our Debian repository, so you don't need to fetch the packages from the internet for every system. You can use the utility debmirror to create a mirror of the packages and keep it up to date.
For example, to mirror the i386 binary packages into the directory /ftp/mirror/debian, use the command:
debmirror -a i386 -s main -h www.os-works.com \
-d testing -r /debian --progress \
-e http --ignore-release-gpg \
Say, for example, the directory /ftp/mirror/debian is accessible via ftp as ftp://mymirror/debian/, then you'd put the line
deb ftp://mymirror/debian/ testing main
in the /etc/apt/sources.list file on every system in your network.
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