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Kustomize Plugins

Posted at — Sep 12, 2020

Kustomize support us to write plugins by using python, shell scripts, or any language that can create executables in your system. Here is the doc.

There are two types of plugins, generators and transformers. Both of the plugin executable will receive the definition for it as arg[1]. And for transformers, it will receive all the other resource definitions also, so you can do transform works.

The apiVersion in the plugin definition yaml file determines the location of the executable. So if you set it to apiVersion: wd/v1 , then kustomize will try to find the plugin at these places:

You can put your plugin at these directories. For me, I'd like to put it in (pwd)/kustomize/plugin/, and then run kustomize XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$(pwd) kustomize build --enable_alpha_plugins apps/base/nginx/ .

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