An Incomplete List of Skills Senior Engineers Need Beyond Coding

看到一篇文章,An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding, 感觉挺有意思,本来想要翻译的,结果发现已经有人翻译了,直接贴这里好了。。


How to run a meeting, and no, being the person who talks the most in the meeting is not the same thing as running it

> 知道如何主持会议。要注意成为会议里面说的最多的那个人并不同于主持会议。

How to write a design doc, take feedback, and drive it to resolution, in a reasonable period of time

> 知道如何在合理的时间内写设计文档,获取反馈,并推动解决。

How to mentor an early-career teammate, a mid-career engineer, a new manager who needs technical advice

> 知道如何指导刚工作的新人同事,中级工程师和给经理技术方面的建议。

How to indulge a senior manager who wants to talk about technical stuff that they don’t really understand, without rolling your eyes or making them feel stupid

> 知道怎么娇惯一位高级经理谈论一些他们并不懂的技术,而不是给他们翻白眼让他们觉得自己很蠢。

How to explain a technical concept behind closed doors to a senior person too embarrassed to openly admit that they don’t understand it

> 知道当一个高级人员犯技术方面的错误的时候怎么偷偷给他纠正而不让他觉得尴尬。

How to influence another team to use your solution instead of writing their own

> 说服别的团队使用你的方案而不是自己造轮子。

How to get another engineer to do something for you by asking for help in a way that makes them feel appreciated

> 知道如何让其他的工程师自愿帮你做事。

How to lead a project even though you don’t manage any of the people working on the project

> 知道如何在参与的人员都不归你管的情况下领导一个项目。

How to get other engineers to listen to your ideas without making them feel threatened

> 让其他工程师自愿听你的想法。

How to listen to other engineers’ ideas without feeling threatened

> 愿意倾听别人的想法。

How to give up your baby, that project that you built into something great, so you can do something else

> 放弃给自己创造过辉煌的项目,好让自己可以有精力做其他事情。

How to teach another engineer to care about that thing you really care about (operations, correctness, testing, code quality, performance, simplicity, etc)

> 说服别的工程师认同你关于一些方面的想法(操作,正确性,测试,代码质量,性能,简单等等)

How to communicate project status to stakeholders

> 知道如何和利益相关者沟通项目情况。

How to convince management that they need to invest in a non-trivial technical project

> 说服管理者去投资一个重大的技术项目。

How to build software while delivering incremental value in the process

> 在开发软件的同时,逐步发挥软件增值。

How to craft a project proposal, socialize it, and get buy-in to execute it

> 知道如何制定项目方案,搞好关系,付诸实施。

How to repeat yourself enough that people start to listen

> 如何通过不断重复让别人开始倾听。

How to pick your battles

> 知道怎么选择自己的战场。

How to help someone get promoted

> 知道怎么让别人或者晋升。

How to get information about what’s really happening (how to gossip, how to network)

> 知道如何或得真实发生的事情(通过八卦,社交)

How to find interesting work on your own, instead of waiting for someone to bring it to you

> 知道自己找到喜欢的工作,而不是等某人提供给你。

How to tell someone they’re wrong without making them feel ashamed

> 如何在不让别人感觉羞耻的情况下告诉对方错了.

How to take negative feedback gracefully

> 如何在不生气的情况下接收负面反馈.