wd and cc

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Who am I

My name is Dong Wang, and I am a software engineer for about twenty years, write python, javascript, java now. I have used perl, lua, ruby and lots of other programing languages for what can make my work done. Programing languages is just tools, I’m not being fascinated by anyone of it.

I’m also a database administrator for PostgreSQL, which I think is the best database application now. So you maybe found some articles of PostgreSQL or databases.

About this site

This is my personal blog, to collect and record some things I thought and learned. I’m trying to learn English now, I wrote done these things in English, wish this can be to make some help to improve my English.

WD is my name’s initials, it’s also West Digital’s abbrevation. This is very annoying, since lots of people find me to solve hard disk problems on twitter. SAD…

CC is my wife’s nickname, which pronounce is cici, like her given name. I have suggested her to change CC to Cici, since there is no vowel letters in the name, people can’t sounds it, but she didn’t agree… oh, okay… I found my nickname is at the same situations, I think I will not change it too … :)

Contact Me

You can find me at twitter, github, facebook.